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White Tuesday 1945

Today we worked like we do every day, and like every other day we ate potatoes with no seasoning, hardly even any salt. Even on Easter we ate potatoes at noon and at night, without any seasoning. Food has become a serious issue: there’s no bread at the black market, and if you manage to find a kilo, it costs 40 Marks which is more than a week’s pay. A cigarette costs 5 Marks and some even demand 6 Marks. Our cigarette ration card allows for 2 cigarettes a day, smokers who want to more than that have to sell their shoes because with a week’s pay they can only buy enough cigarette for half a day (8 cigarettes). 100 grams of meat costs 20 Marks and it’s not easy to find. Agostino and Ciccillo are tightening their belts more than ever. Where I live, the food isn’t bad but it’s getting progressively worse. I also discovered what nuns are like in Germany: they dress in black and white but are nothing but whited sepulchers. These nuns who run the place where we live (about 40 foreigners and some Germans too), take our monthly food ration cards which aren’t good for much but at least they’re good for butter, lard, eggs, white bread, etc. They eat all of this and feed us nothing but carrots and potatoes all the time. Not to mention the way they behave, these nuns. I can no longer stand eating this garbage, I can’t take it, I can’t bear to swallow another disgusting potato. It’s been 550 days since they brought me to Germany and made me eat potatoes thousands of times. It takes a strong stomach to live in Germany! If I ever have the joy of going home, I will never forget this!

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