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White Wednesday 1945

I’m tired of working, I don’t feel well. This morning I asked my boss if I could have a permit to go see a doctor, he wouldn’t give it to me, he said I have to work. I asked him again later, so he sent his sidekick, a man worthy of him who we nicknamed “scarecrow”, to the nuns where I live and asked them if I drank my coffee this morning. The nuns replied yes, so he came to the machine I was working at and said: “You drank your coffee this morning, you’re not sick, so work.” I worked until night and went to the doctor without a permit. For now I was able to get 8 days of sick leave, then I’ll see what else can be done. Yesterday the siren went off once, every day the pre-raid siren goes off 4 or 5 times, I believe the beginning of the end is near!


  1. Cindy Maina:

    I have followed this dairy daily, and I had been wondering if your grandfather knew how near the end was. The Allies are now so close to Berlin, yet the communication in Germany is probably limited or censored. Just a few more weeks until the Third Reich is destroyed. It was good to read that your grandfather sensed this.

  2. Richard Maina:

    Hi Cindy and Rosanna. I too have been following this and I am just amazed by what Uncle Oreste endured. It really takes a very strong person to have the physical and mental resolve to survive this experience. I was totally surprised when I first learned about this. I had no idea! I don’t recall cousin Tony ever mentioning it. Rosanna, you’ve done a remarkable job with this. I’m very proud. Thank you so much. Love, Cousin Rich

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