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June 1944

  • June 9, 1944

    As always I work at the same factory, but we’re no longer clearing rubble. The factory has been fixed up as good as new. While we’re working today, the siren went off again, we had to go to the shelter there- if a small bomb were to fall on it, it would easily collapse. It’s […]

  • June 12, 1944

    Munich was heavily bombed, but yet again the bombs fell far from us.

  • June 13, 1944

    At midday Munich was bombed again. More bombs at midnight, bombs were dropped all over Munich, many factories were hit, the trams don’t work, the stations were hit, but thank God nothing hit our area. It’s mid-June and it rains all the time, there’s a high price to pay for sun!

  • June 30, 1944

    It’s still raining, we occasionally see glimpses of the sun on some days. Today it was even cold, we’re still wearing our coats, the weather here is unbelievable!

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