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April 1944

  • Holy Saturday April 8, 1944

    Agostino, Ciccillo, and I went to Baierbrunn, 15 kilometers outside of Munich where many other men from Casale live: Antonio Aurilio, the Cerbarano brothers, Alfredo Lepore, Felice Taffuri, and many others. They welcomed us happily, we spent the night there with our fellow townsmen.

  • April 9, 1944

    Easter! Christmas passed and Easter has arrived, and I am still far from my dear family without news of them! When will it end?? This morning we went to Mass and at midday we all ate together at a hotel in Baierbrunn. It was a special lunch: two/three potatoes wedges and a soup that should’ve […]

  • The night of April 24, 1944

    The siren goes off, I get up quickly and call for Mattiussi, he’s already getting dressed too. I ask him if he’s coming to the bunker with me and he says he’d rather go to the guesthouse basement. So I put on my coat and run out to the shelter, it’s already full. As soon […]

  • April 27, 1944

    Tonight we slept in the shelter on benches without blankets, it was very cold. By day we wander around looking for a room to rent, but no luck, there are 100,000 people without a roof over their heads now. They certainly devastated this place.

  • April 30, 1944

    It’s very cold in the shelter, we decide to go sleep in the basement of our old guesthouse. We slowly go down there, lighting the way with some candles our landlady gave us. In the basement there are wood beds and bales of hay, it’s much warmer, we use the hay to make ourselves wonderful […]

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