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May 1944

  • May 2, 1944

    Since we couldn’t find a room to rent, we went, actually we found a place where men of all nationalities are lodged, a sort of shelter but it’s different from the place I was in before. In this shelter there are two Italians: one is from Carinola and one is from Afragola, a man named […]

  • May 15, 1944

    I was given a voucher for: Jacket and pants, shirt, underwear, socks, two handkerchiefs, a pair of shoes, and that’s all.

  • May 18, 1944

    Today Mrs. Schumann came from Konstanz, she went with me to buy the aforementioned items. Thanks to her acquaintances in Munich, I was able to get a nice jacket and pants, even the other items aren’t bad but it was all thanks to this kind woman’s acquaintances. After purchasing these items, we go back to […]

  • May 20, 1944

    When I get home from work tonight, I find out Mattiussi was able to get a permit to return to Italy. I want to also, but how?? I accompany him to the station, I give him a letter and ask if he can mail it to my wife. He says he will, we say goodbye […]

  • May 25, 1944

    It rains all the time, it’s cold. To think that in my town right now it’s so hot you can barely wear clothes, while here I always have to wear a coat. At night, I often go to see the Schumanns, they are very cultured and very kind, it’s a great pleasure to spend a […]

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