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May 2, 1944

Since we couldn’t find a room to rent, we went, actually we found a place where men of all nationalities are lodged, a sort of shelter but it’s different from the place I was in before. In this shelter there are two Italians: one is from Carinola and one is from Afragola, a man named Andrea Castaldi. This shelter is managed by nuns, we’re not independent, we no longer have ration cards, they make food for us, it’s not that bad, the lagers are worse. We’d like to stay here. After all my paperwork was completed, I went back to work clearing rubble from the factory, all the machines were damaged and burned, it seems they hit the bull’s-eye, just like they did with other factories.

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  1. Janell:

    Of course, your grandfather doesn’t know it but the Americans and the British are bombing Germany and her allies relentlessly now, in preparation for the D-Day invasion of Europe, a month away. Unfortunately, life will become much worse for him and everyone else in Germany, long before it gets better. I wonder how his family in Italy are faring, after the American and British arrival. Both countries are exceedingly dangerous for combatants and non-combatants alike. I will follow the story from Idaho, U.S.A., with great interest.

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