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Holy Tuesday 1945

I didn’t sleep much last night, I kept waking up. Every time I woke up, I shed some tears and had a knot in my throat. I kept picturing my wife and my dear children. I kept remembering, as if it were yesterday, the summer of 1943, before the Germans dragged me away from my wife, when we would hear American planes overhead my wife would get scared despite my reassurance, which was never lacking, yet I was never able to convince her to not be afraid. Imagine what she had to endure alone after, without me, with 2 children, one of which wasn’t even 10 months old. I was there yet the sound of the planes alone truly scared her. What happened to her when the front arrived, when they neared our area?! How much suffering did she have to endure? Where did she take refuge with our children? How did she bear such agony? Not to mention she had no news from her dear husband, not knowing if he was dead or alive! Oh, damn this war and those who caused it, what pain and suffering!

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