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Holy Monday 1945

Tonight, when I got home from work there was finally a letter waiting for me. I picked it up and noticed my handwriting on the envelope. I was confused, I didn’t stop to think that it could’ve been from one of the many letters I sent with return envelopes through the Red Cross of Vienna. Someone said to me: “You wrote to a friend but accidentally wrote your address instead of his”. I could not believe it! I open the letter and see a Red Cross form, I immediately realize it’s a letter from home. I read the few words written by my wife’s hand. I can’t help but cry, to think it’s been 18 months since I’ve seen Carmosina and my darling children who have been without my guidance, sustenance, and help. 18 months without news from them. Who knew I would have to suffer this much?! After a year and a half of unbearable solitude, with no news from the people I love more than life itself, I finally got a letter. I’m glad my wife assures me they are all well, but in my heart there will be no happiness until I am able to embrace my dear wife and our darling children. If that blessed day comes, then I will be happy and joyful! I hope to God that long-awaited day isn’t far away and that He will grant me this joy, which is the only hope that allows me to bear these sacrifices, this inhumane treatment.

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  1. Susie:

    I can’t thank you enough for continuing this project. It’s so poignant, reading this!

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