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March 24, 1945

At 11:50 the siren goes off. They send us to the factory’s basement, even a rudimentary bomb would make this place collapse. But they won’t let us out, we’re worse off than slaves, whereas workers from other factories are allowed to go wherever they please. I took advantage of the fact that nobody was watching me and I snuck out, we would’ve left work at 12:15 anyway. I walked less than 300 meters when I heard the roar of aircraft engines. I stopped to look at them, they shimmered in the sun as if they were made of silver. There is no shelter nearby, the shooting begins. I see people running into a doorway so I follow them. We go down into a small basement, it’s not a good shelter but it’s safer than the factory. I went out after 30 minutes, many people were already outside, there was a fire nearby but the bombs didn’t do much damage, it was slight. Since I didn’t hear any shooting or engines, I started walking home and noticed everyone was looking up at the sky, so I did too. I saw a giant parachute descending upon the city, we stared at it for a long time, until the wind blew it away. I don’t think there was a man attached to the parachute, but rather something lightweight or else the wind would not have been able to blow it so far away and it wouldn’t have taken so long to reach the ground.

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