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May 1, 1945

As we’re getting dressed this morning, we hear gunshots, the wounded are carried into our barracks. We rush outside and see people running away in every direction, there are men and women wielding all types of weapons and hand grenades. In front of the barracks there are 4-5 Germans who are fenced in. These Germans have surrendered and handed over their weapons. We grab picks and break down the fence. In German I tell them that if they have hidden weapons they’d better hand them over, they say they don’t have any more. These men are placed in line with other Germans who were caught by the Partisans nearby. I ask the Partisans if I can command the Germans for a while, but they tell me civilians should go back home. So I accompany them with my eyes as they move away, encircled and disarmed by the Partisans, then I go back to the barracks.

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