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April 30, 1945

This morning we went to see the cardinal in St. Mark’s Square, he told us about Venice, he asked us if we go to Mass, then he gave me and my friend 100 lira. We also went into St. Mark’s church, how amazing!

As we walk around Venice, we see monuments everywhere. Everyone walks in this city, if you want to get across the Grand Canal, there are gondoliers always ready to ferry you across for 1 lira a person. There are no cars here. At noon, we go eat at the war cafeteria, it costs 25 lira. We spend all day walking around and at night we go sleep at the Italian Red Cross barracks.

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  1. simona:

    Questo diario straordinariamente bello mi fa vivere un momento di nostalgia struggente per una persona che, come tuo nonno, ha vissuto la deportazione e che adesso non c’è più. Pietro, il padre di Claudio.

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