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January 31, 1945

The temperature today felt like April. After a month of continuous snow, the sun, the glorious sun, made its first appearance. The snow in the streets and on the houses has begun to melt. We walk through half a meter of melted snow in the streets, one would need iron boots to keep his feet dry. Last year they always shoveled the snow quickly so there was no slush. But this year they haven’t shoveled, since the city is reduced to such a sorry state there’s no time to worry about shoveling or people not being able to walk, they can barely clear the streets of rubble, what horrifying chaos. When we got home, our dormitory was full of water, it was like a pool. We spent the whole night moving our mattresses around from one place to the next because the snow on top of our home without a roof, is slowly melting and constantly dripping into our room, onto our mattresses.

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