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February 3, 1945

Today I was shocked when I came home from the factory. We realized 4 suitcases were missing from the shelter where we keep them. One was stolen from a Dutch man, one from a French man, and two from another French man. Plus a coat was stolen from a French man, and a pair of new shoes was stolen from me. They opened my suitcase which contained two suits, two shirts, underwear, three towels, a pair of new shoes I’d paid dearly for and had only worn three/four times, luckily they were only tempted by the shoes and didn’t touch anything else. It seems like they have it in for me. First the theft at Hotel Kreutzbrau, one month later (April 25th) a fire destroyed everything I owned, then another fire on January 7th, and today my shoes got stolen. Luckily they only made off with my shoes, but the two French men and the Dutch man were left practically naked. Let’s hope nothing more than fires and thefts happen, I’d be content as long as this comes to and end and we can all return home and embrace our loved ones.

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