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January 21, 1945

Today I ran into Paolo Maina at the black market. I often go to said market because it’s the only place where one can see fellow townsmen, plus one can buy anything but at staggering prices. For example: one cigarette costs 3 Marks which is half a day’s pay; a pack of regular Italian tobacco costs 40 Marks, 400 Italian lira; a hectogram of butter costs 20 Marks; one kilo of white bread costs 30 Marks. Not to mention the cost of clothing: a pair of socks costs 40 Marks. Paolo Maina is in bad shape, he’s not a civilian like us, he’s an internee who has absolutely nothing. I couldn’t even give him any clothing because thanks to the air raids, this is the second time I’ve lost my belongings, which I paid dearly for. I was sorry I couldn’t give him anything but all I have left are the bare essentials. I gave him a ration card for a kilo of bread because he’s in need of that too.

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