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February 8, 1945

Lots of Italians are being repatriated due to illness. It seems they are being rather lenient about repatriation. Before, being repatriated was like a miracle, it was very difficult, whereas now, every day men are repatriated to Italy, and I’d like to attempt it. This morning I went to the doctor saying my leg hurt, he didn’t give me any sick leave, but next week I will try again because my leg really does hurt! I want to see if I manage to obtain anything. It has not snowed since January 31st, all the snow that was in the streets has melted, it seems like spring has arrived. Last year, the bitter cold winter began in February and lasted all through March. I hope winter ends soon this year, since the cold weather began in November and lasted through the month of January. The weather has been mild for the past two weeks.

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