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February 11, 1945

This morning, Manfrino Verrengia came by. He said he’s also trying to find a way back to Italy, and perhaps he’ll manage. Tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor again, I want to be sent back to Italy too. I can no longer bear being separated from my wife and children! I hope I can find a way back! Today, Manfrino and I took a walk through the city. We saw terrifying things. At a cemetery which skirts a road for about one kilometer, we saw some unbelievable things: gravestones, crucifixes, graves, large trees, all broken, all smashed, all in shambles, just the sight of it was frightening. This all happened during the last bombing on January 7th. Then we went to visit Silvio Grassini from Roccamonfina. I had visited him several times before and I knew the way there like the back of my hand. But when we reached the area I had to stop because I couldn’t tell if it was the right street or not. The last bombing had so drastically changed its appearance that I barely recognized it. I then managed to find the way through the rubble all the same.

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