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Sunday November 26, 1944

The siren went off continuously all day. At night, Ciccillo D’Angelo, Agostino LaTorre, Fossio Di Bernardo from Frattamaggiore, and I went to a café in Marienplatz to drink some wine. Yesterday I bought pizza thanks to some of the acquaintances I’ve made after living in Munich for 14 months. But since my friends have always lived in Fasanerie-Nord, 12 km away, they are not able to find food and drinks like I can. If they want to buy a ration card for 1 kg of white bread at the black market, which can also be used to buy pizza, it would cost them 4 days of pay, whereas I would pay less. We ate pizza and drank wine, toasting the mayor of Carinola. Today Alberto DeCristofaro told me that Mattia Manera, an engineer, was elected the mayor of Carinola. This news greatly pleases me. They finally got rid of all those swindlers. We can finally say they’ve elected an honest and upright man whose only concern will be the people’s good. We wish our new town leader prosperity and health.

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