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Sunday November 19, 1944

Today, after an entire week of work, I was on duty at the factory. Tomorrow, Monday, another workweek begins which is more suffering for us. Will this damned war ever end? Since November 1st, the bombings of Munich and its environs have increased, since November 1st we’ve only had two days of respite: November 13th and 14th. Every other day there has been a pre-raid siren and siren throughout the day. On November 16th, Munich was heavily bombed. It was almost midday when the siren went off, we went to the usual shelter. After 30 minutes we heard the roar of the artillery engines, the antiaircraft began shooting and a few seconds later, we heard bombs falling nearby. The shelter’s door was continuously shaking, as if it were about to detach from the wall. We were all huddled on the ground, praying God would keep us safe and allow us to return to our loved ones soon. Yesterday I found out that many men from Casale, who live in a camp called Baierbrunn, received letters from Casale. Why haven’t I received anything yet? Even Agostino LaTorre got a letter from his family, assuring him that everyone is well. I also hope to receive some news about my darling wife and kids soon.

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