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Sunday January 7, 1945

The siren has not gone off in Munich since January 1st, except once last Tuesday. I don’t think they’ll attack Munich anymore, perhaps they’ve finished, they’ve completed their task.

About 80 percent of the city is destroyed, including the factories. Why would they bother attacking anymore? I hope the Lord keeps us safe from all danger and gives us strength, health, and patience so we can continue to endure this cold weather, work, and…!

This afternoon I went to see Mr. Schumann, he recently returned from Konstanz where he had spent Christmas with his wife. He was intent on setting up his room that had been damaged by the last attack on December 17th. I don’t know what to do: staying inside all the time is boring but it’s very cold outside, going to work every day is even worse; what can I do?! Oh Germany!  Such human suffering. In the evening I went to see if I could find some fellow townsmen at the black market where all kinds of things are bought and sold for staggering prices. I only saw Ciccillo who was buying tobacco, there were no other men from Casale, and it was freezing cold so I left quickly. This market is composed of people of different nationalities, of all nationalities, of both genders, and of all ages. There are many unfortunate young ladies, especially Russians, who are alone without a father or mother, with no one, who were taken to Germany like me! I see these young women, even foreigners, with babies that have no fathers! Poor wretches, they are all alone, they’ve been away from home for years and I’m sure they are starving, and as the days, months, and years pass, they fall into dishonor!

It’s not their fault, these poor wretches, it’s the fault of those cowards who tore them from their families. At times, I grieve more for them and their condition than for my own. To think it’s been 15 and a half months since I was dragged to Germany and have not received news of my wife and kids, yet at times I pity these young foreign ladies more than myself; let’s hope this will end soon!

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