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Sunday August 6, 1944

Today we finally saw some sun and it was even warm out. I went to Mr. Schumann’s home in the afternoon and we went out for a walk together, since it was sunny. While we’re walking, I saw Domenico Minchella. We say hello and the three of us walked together, we talked with Mr. Schumann and then walked him home. At night we go eat at the Kreuzbrau Hotel where I’m a regular and where I lodged for a month. I know lots of people there. While we’re eating, Agostino La Torre, Massimo Desantis, and two other Italians come in, so we all ate together. After, we all went for a walk but at 9:00 everyone had to leave because none of them live in Munich. I’m the only one who does, from the first day I arrived in Munich till this very day, I moved four times and I hope I don’t have to move again, hopefully this damn war will end soon.

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