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September 30, 1943

We’ve arrived in Munich. It’s night, they take us to a grand hotel. Here, we exchanged some of our Italian money for German Marks. We bought some beer. At night we had to sleep on wood planks on the stage of a theater.
We were taken to the employment office. People come to collect us as if we were objects. They call out our names and take the men with them, some take 20 men, some take 30 men, some take 10. They call out the names of Oreste Maina and Donato Russo from San Donato. The man is a wholesale produce merchant. That night we’re taken to a dormitory where over 500 men are lodged. While sleeping, the siren goes off. The siren hollers, it frightens us, we are led to the basement. When the siren stops, we go back up to the quarters. The windows are all broken and glass is scattered on the beds and the floor. The wall plaster has crumbled and there are cracks in the walls. On nearby streets, the firemen are working all night, making deafening noises.

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