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September 26, 1944

Winter has arrived, it rains continuously and it’s cold. In the morning we wake up at 5:30 (it’s 4:30 Daylight Saving Time) and we don’t get out of work till 6:30 when it’s already dark. I am beyond tired of this. If I didn’t love my wife and kids so much, I wouldn’t be able to bear this. They are the only reason I put up with this, praying to God that one day I’ll be able to return home and make them happy! Today I met up with Alberto DeCristofaro again, I begged him to include news of me when he writes to his wife, he said he would. I believe my wife, more than anyone, must have received news from me because I always wrote to her from many places, I write any chance I get because the only joy I can give my dear wife is to send her news of me, so I write and send news through others.


  1. LaGatasobreelTejadodeZinc:

    “Non c’è più che aspettare all’ inverno.”
    La Gatta.

  2. Janell:

    This poor man faces a terrible future in Munich. I hope he survives the bombing, destruction, lack of shelter and food and is able to return to his home and family in Italy. I translated Comment #1, from Italian to English, using Reverse Translation: “There is not more than to wait to the winter.”

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