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September 23, 1943

Casale di Carinola

German soldiers with machine guns are positioned on all the streets of Casale. At around 8:00, a loudspeaker announces that all the townsmen must meet in the main square for a German official’s speech. Upon arriving in the square, we realize that we are surrounded on all sides. Our ID cards are collected and we are given an hour to go home and pack some things. We are told we’ll be taken away to work for two or three days. We are warned that if we don’t return, reprisals will be taken against our families. I suspect they’ll be taking us to Germany but out of fear of reprisal against my wife, my two children, and my father, I return to the square. After an hour we all re-gather in the square. They load us into trucks and drive up to the mountains near Massico. We sleep outdoors that night, encircled by German soldiers.

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  1. Giuseppe Improta:

    Complimenti.Ho anch’io un diario scritto negli ultimi 5 mesi dal padredi mio cognato deportato nei lager..Ho rintracciato anche lettere e cartoline di deportati campani ed in particolare di Ponticelli (Napoli). Ho fatto anche una mostra di recente ed una manifestazione…Bravo. Potrei imitarvi?

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