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October 20, 1944

While we are working, the siren goes off so we leave. In our sector, the machines are so loud it’s hard to hear the siren. We go to the shelter at 11:45 and come back out at 1:30, when the siren has stopped. After 10 minutes the siren goes off again and ends at 2:00. Yet again, they didn’t attack Munich. Yesterday I went to the station to see if wounded and sick Italians were being sent back to Italy. I found a Neapolitan man, he told me he planned on going directly to Naples. I gave him a letter and begged him to send it to the address I’d written on it. He assured me that if he managed to reach Naples, he would go in person to my home to deliver my letter. This isn’t the first time I’ve sent a letter with Italian soldiers, I’ve done it many times before, and I hope some of them reached my family. I even wrote to my cousins in Rome, my brother in Terni, my brother-in-law in Pianosa, begging them all to let my darling wife know how I was doing when they had the chance. So I suppose she has often received word about me. I even sent six letters through the Red Cross, I hope one day to be surprised by a letter from her.

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