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October 15, 1944

Today, all the Italians who were living at Fasanerie-Nord and who work at Rockinger factory, where I myself also work, were forced to come live in Munich in a school near where I live. This change of residence was the result of the intense bombing occurring in Munich. The bombs almost always hit the railway, so these workers who live outside of the city cannot come to work or they arrive very late because there is no transportation available. And since the factory boss is frantic to make us work as much as possible, especially recently, he decided to relocate his workers to the city. Among the Italians relocated: Agostino LaTorre and Ciccillo D’Angelo. There are many men from Ventaroli who were torn from their families like we were. Even Carmine Montano’s son is here, along with Manfrino Verrengia and Giovanni Iannotta from Casale. There are also several Russians, men and women, and French too, many different nationalities.
There have been a few sunny days this October, but I still can’t stand it! As I said, I get up in the morning at 5:30 so I can be at work at 6:30 on the dot! During the day we’re locked inside like inmates, and when we leave at night it’s already dark and when we go there in the morning it’s dark! So we cannot even see these lovely, rare days of October sunshine. I vividly recall the walks I used to take through the countryside, I vividly recall picking figs with my dear little Antonio. Those were such beautiful days! Will I ever see them again?!

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