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November 8, 1943

As I leave the restaurant where I was eating, I run into some Carabinieri (translator’s note: Italian military police) in uniform. They are cleaning the city streets with carts, pushing them by hand like donkeys. They told me they were captured in Rome. I set a meeting time with them for the next day and give them a bag of apples. They give me a chunk of cheese they brought from Italy. I felt pity for them even if I’m more distraught than they are.


  1. Rich Landers:

    Thank you so much for the link to Soldier’s Mail. I love what you are doing with this project, especially that it is bilingual. I’m hooked!

    Best Regards,

  2. Nicolina:

    ciao rosanna,
    era da tempo che stavo aspettando il diario dello zio Oreste.
    grazie anche a nome dei miei allievi.
    ti abbraccio nicolina

  3. Rosemarie:

    This diary is a remarkable contribution to the history of World War II. Too little has been published in English about the Italian experience of the war, and this first-hand account is not only very moving but informative. What good fortune for all of us that Oreste kept a diary. Brava to Rosanna and Nicolina for sharing it.

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