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Monday January 8, 1945

We woke up at around 9:00, the nuns gave us some coffee and a slice of bread, then we began clearing the rubble. Since we did not show up at the factory for work, at 10:00 our boss came to see what was happening, when he saw us all busy working he understood our situation and left without saying a word. At around 1:30, the siren went off again. We all ran to the shelter. We stay there for about an hour, until the siren stops. As soon as we get home, the siren goes off again, we race to the shelter again, after 15 minutes it is over, they didn’t attack Munich, which is still burning like a crater. And so I am a disaster victim for a second time, but thank God I am fine, and I hope I’ll continue to be fine. I don’t care if things burn, so long as I can return home safe and sound!

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