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May 3, 1945

This morning we went to Piazza Roma to see if there are any buses for Mestre, upon discovering there are, we go back to the barracks and gather the few things we have, then go back to the piazza. We take a bus to Mestre, there is no transportation here so we decide to walk to Padua. Me, the man from Rome, and 3 Albanians start walking to Padua. After a few kilometers we come across an American checkpoint. The soldiers stop us and ask us where we’re going. We tell them we need to go to Rome. They make us wait then load us into the first American truck that arrives. After driving for quite some time, we stop and the truck doesn’t move for about 1 hour and a half. During this stop, I get out and ask at a nearby farm why we’ve been stopped. They tell me the bridge of boats over the Adige River is broken, due to this incident there is a 5-kilometer-long line of vehicles backed up. When we cross the Adige River, the sun is setting. We later cross the Po River in Ferrara. They drop us off near Bologna, they’ve reached their base. We spend the rest of the night here.

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