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March 5, 1944

I’m in the same company eating dinner at the hotel. The Corsican sits near us and offers us some chocolate. While we’re talking, some friends of Mr. Schumann come in and sit at our table, so the French man and I have to move to another table. While sitting there, another Italian man comes in, Italo Mattiussi from Trieste, a friend of theirs. After dinner, the French man and I go to a café he knows and he offers me more chocolate. When we leave the café it’s 11:00, he says the place where he sleeps is closed because it’s late, and since he seems like a good person, I suggest he ask for a bed in my hotel. He speaks to the porter and we agree he can sleep in my room in the extra bed, he rents it for three days, he says he won’t be going to work for that time.

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