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July 12, 1944

At midday, I am 10 kilometers outside of Munich for work when the siren went off. The truck driver and I are in the middle of the countryside, there’s not even a ditch. Where will we hide? We crouch behind the truck. After 15 minutes, two antiaircrafts start shooting 500 meters from us. There’s an airport about 100 meters away, the aircrafts arrive and a hurricane of shots begins! We lay stomach-down on the ground, bullets fly above our heads, cartridges pour down on us. It was terribly frightening, honestly this time I was truly afraid of the attack. After about an hour and a half they finally cease fire. We get into the truck and barely manage to drive 50 meters before the artillery starts again, along with the roar of the aircraft engines, even worse than before. I’m feeling a bit more bold, so I turn face up and see swarms of aircrafts, they are brand new, they glisten in the sun, they fly low as if they were about to attack us, but then they pass by- we’re certainly not their objective! So after another hour and a half, it’s over. We hop in the truck and speed off toward Munich. As we near the city, we see fire everywhere. We race to the driver’s home, it takes time because the police have already closed off the streets since thousands of homes have collapsed and there are fires everywhere. We reach the driver’s house and it’s intact. We go back to the factory but nobody is there. The city’s power plant was hit so the machines can’t run, the boss sent everyone home.

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