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January 31, 1944

There’s snow outside and it continues to fall, but it’s warm inside. I want to stay here until this damn war is over. I’ve come up with a plan: with the thermometer the nuns gave me, I go into the bathroom and place it on the radiator until it reaches 39°C then I hide it in my bed. When the nurse comes in the morning, I swap his thermometer with my thermometer, he looks at it, writes down my temperature, and leaves.

The nurse comes in every morning. I give him the thermometer every morning, at times I warm it to 38°C, at times 39°C, I change the temperature each morning so he doesn’t get suspicious. I hope the war ends soon so I don’t have to go back to that damn factory, I was almost on my deathbed and they didn’t even help me reach the hospital.

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  1. Yvonne O'Donnell:

    My name is Yvonne O’Donnell and Oreste Maina was my uncle. My father was Anthony Maina. I can’t tell you how wonderful this is. I only met my uncle Oreste once, at my wedding in 1963 and never after. I had no idea that this diary existed and can’t thank Rosanna enough for posting this to share. I traveld to Casale to find my father’s home along with my sister, two nieces and granddaughter in May of last year. We loved Casale and the people there. I wish to go back sometime and hope this happens.

    Thank you for sharing Rosanna.

    Your cousin,


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