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January 29, 1944

Bombs fell last night, all the patients who aren’t seriously ill walk down to hospital’s basement. The others, myself included, are taken down to the basement on their cots through a trap door in the hallway. After a few hours we are taken back upstairs again. The bombs were dropped further away.

Today, two German ladies came to visit their brother. A French man and I were walking in the hallway, our room is near this German man’s room. We enter his room and on the table we see a guitar and a violin brought by the German ladies. We exchange a few words then I pick up the guitar and position my fingers into the E minor chord, I strum all six strings, much like a piano chord. The two ladies look at each other in amazement for the perfect chord I’ve strummed. One of them picks up the violin and asks me to accompany her, she plays “The Merry Widow” waltz. I’ve played this waltz hundreds of times in Italy so I accompanied her with expertise. The two women are stunned and call in the nuns to introduce me. From this point on, I become the nuns’ favorite. At lunch they always bring me a special meal, they often come visit me and I go visit them. I feel better and better each day.

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