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January 27, 1944

The Lager guard comes in and says that if I don’t leave he will call the police. Agostino speaks (or rather has someone speak) to our boss Rockinger about my situation. He says he couldn’t care less. So I have to leave the Lager and go back to Munich. I take the tram to the Italian Consulate. No one accompanies me, I can barely stand up. They give me a slip of paper and send me to the Italian Delegation. After asking around and taking various trams, I manage to finally find the Italian Delegation. Here, they give me some paperwork and directions on how to reach the hospital by tram. By afternoon, I’ve finally reached the hospital. My hands are black, I haven’t washed up or eaten in four days. As soon as I arrive they wrap me in a wet sheet. My body was burning up so badly before, I almost wanted to die. After this sort of bath, they give me an injection and I feel my blood flowing through my veins, I feel like I’ve been resuscitated.

They bathed me and I am resting in a clean bed with five other men in my room. At 9:00, the nurse comes and gives all six of us a thermometer, then leaves, and after 10 minutes the nurse returns to collect the thermometer and writes down our temperatures in our files. I’m already feeling better. Since they gave me the injection I feel resuscitated, before that I wanted to die.

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  1. Lance:

    Lucky not to die from pnemonia.

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