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January 15, 1945

At exactly 12:00 noon, the siren went off. We ran into the basement of the factory, we’re all afraid because we cannot go to a shelter, we’re forced to stay in this damned factory which has already been hit twice, luckily it happened at night. At 1:30 the siren stopped and we went to eat that famous soup and potatoes without a pinch of seasoning, and they even taste like smoke. The recent bombings have really frightened us so we often go to bed late out of fear of the siren, the warning siren howls constantly and we’re always on guard. We’re obliged and sacrificed when we’re in this infamous factory because we’re not allowed to go to a shelter; but luckily this isn’t the case at night, even though with the recent bombings, no shelter is safe but it’s still better to go to a more secure shelter. Let’s hope this catastrophe ends once and for all. When will the day come when I can embrace my darling Carmosina and my dear children?! Will the good Lord grant me this joy?! I hope this joyous day comes soon and that the Lord will keep me and my loved ones healthy, and keep me safe from all the dangers that surround me!

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