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February 5, 1945

This morning we robbery victims went to the factory. We asked our boss if we could go to the police to report the theft. At first he was hesitant, but then he let us go. We went to the police, told them what happened, they told us to go home and await their arrival. At 10:30, they still hadn’t come, so myself and the Dutch man went to an office to see if they had prepared the vouchers for our possessions that caught fire during the last bombing (January 7th). While there, the siren went off. Everyone started running like crazy, but we had no idea where to go, we were far from home and it was almost midday, the streets were full of snow and mud, we started wandering around in search of a bomb shelter, but there wasn’t one building intact, everything was demolished. We kept walking, the antiaircraft wasn’t even shooting so the aircrafts must’ve been far away. After over an hour we reach home, exhausted. Soon after, the antiaircraft starts shooting, we didn’t even go to a shelter; many other people stand there watching the aircrafts leisurely flying at a distance. Luckily they skipped Munich, but they were in the vicinity because the siren went off for three hours straight. It’s 4:00 and the police, the lovely police, have not shown up yet, we robbery victims are here waiting to show them the spot where the items were stolen and how they were stolen.

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