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February 28, 1945

This morning at 10:00 the siren went off, it was over by midday, then the pre-raid siren went off a few times. At 8:00 at night the siren went off again, and again at 10:00, it was essentially a day full of sirens. But thanks to the attackers, there were no bombs… we just never get any peace and quiet. It seems like this year God is showing some pity. Since January it hasn’t been that cold, seems like we’re no longer in Germany. No more snow has fallen, except for a little on the 24th but it melted quickly, the good weather and warm temperatures came back. Last year it snowed heavily all of February and March, but this year it snowed a bit in November, then in December and January it snowed a lot and was extremely cold, unlike last year, and now spring has arrived sooner than expected. I hope the end of the war will arrive soon too!

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