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December 9, 1943

The hotel is very big and over one hundred people work here. It’s across the street from the central train station. I’ve been assigned to work the dishwashing machine. I’m pleased with this job, but I wish I had news about my wife and my two small children, especially Marina who is only 8 months old. Yesterday, some men from Carinola told me that the men from Casale are working at a factory in Munich. They take the train to the central station and from there they take a tram to the factory. The hotel I work at is near this station, so every morning I wake up early and stand by the station’s exit loudly calling out the names of men from Casale: namely Agostino LaTorre and Ciccillo D’Angelo. It’s dark out, it’s about 6:00 in the morning. We quickly say hello because they have to catch the tram, they give me the address of the factory.

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