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December 5, 1944

Today I feel better, my fever is gone. It snowed last night but it’s not as cold as it was in November. Yesterday, Vincenzo Liberti from Carinola received a letter from his wife Lucrezia Andolfi, who lives in Casale. I hope to receive a letter from my darling wife for Christmas.
Every day, two, three, four times a day, the siren goes off, it’s continuous. Even yesterday, while I was at the doctor’s I had to run to the shelter. I cannot find a way out! Yet I keep searching. This damned war is endless! And to think Christmas is near! Will it be Christmas for me or just a more agonizing day for me? Will it be equally as agonizing for my wife? I recall how Christmas was always a day of happiness for us, a day of happy hearts, happy with our family. But unfortunately, this is the second year, for me and for my darling wife and kids, where Christmas is not a day of joy but rather a day of immense pain! Even for my dear children it will not be a joyous day. Even though they don’t understand the meaning of my absence, they see and notice that their mother certainly will not be and cannot be cheerful like other mothers; they too suffer the consequences, they sense the absence of their beloved father. For them, as for myself and their darling mother, it will be another wasted Christmas! Another dark Christmas!

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