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December 24, 1944 Christmas Eve

I took a walk around the city. I went to visit Mr. Schumann to see if he was all right after Sunday night’s bombing. But he wasn’t there because the hotel was destroyed by bombs on Sunday December 17th. So he had no place to stay and went to Konstanz where his wife lives. He’d mentioned he would be going there for Christmas vacation, he said he would leave on Thursday but because of the bombs he left on Monday, after the raid. I wandered around Munich, it’s startling to see movie theaters, cafés, factories, and buildings of all sorts reduced to rubble, rendered useless. 100 meters from where I live, five or six buildings collapsed together, perhaps four or five bombs fell on that one spot. I heard that two shelters, located in the basement of these buildings, crumbled and the people were buried inside. Since I’ve been in Munich, I’ve seen many bombings but nothing like this before. Out of the four or five buildings that collapsed, there isn’t a single stone still standing. For an entire week they’ve been using cranes to excavate, working day and night trying to recuperate bodies.

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