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April 28, 1945

As I walked around the city this morning, I happened upon this woman. She realizes I’m not from Venice and asks me where I’m going. I tell her I’m looking for a place to stay, to take cover until the Front passes. She says she can host me at her home and tells me: “Go back to Mestre and ask directions for a spot called 4 Cantoni. Wait for me there, I’ll come get you and bring you to my home where you can stay until the Front passes”. I do as she says, I take the bus to Mestre, find 4 Cantoni (4 streets), and I wait for this woman. I wait until nightfall but she doesn’t show up. So I go to Carpenedo, near Mestre, to an inn where about 20 people who’ve come back from all over Germany are waiting till the Front passes to head south.

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