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April 15, 1945

This morning we went to the Italo-German Delegation to see what they tell us. There are 5 of us coming from different parts of Germany. When we reach the Delegation, we’re surprised to see over 300 men there. With this horde of men, it’ll be easy for me to hatch a plot. We begin asking all these Italians where they came from, I noticed they are all being legally repatriated with proper documents and authorization from their employers, but in this horde, there are also some men like me, other “fugitives”. They suddenly line us up and take 1/4 of us to the other station in Innsbruck. A German man accompanies us, I ask him where they’re taking us and he says we’re going to work 40 km outside of Innsbruck in a tunnel that’s bomb-safe. But I have no desire to work for the Germans so I flee.

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