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May 7, 1945

Back in line at the barracks again, I check the numbers of those who are ahead of me in line and realize that I should be able to leave today too. But as people come out with their departure tickets, I don’t get any closer to the entrance. I realize something’s wrong. I get out of the line and go around the back of the barracks, here I find a large open door and many people secretly sneak in through here. Naturally, I do the same and get a ticket. I go out and tell my Roman friend to get out of line quickly and do what I did. He comes back saying the door had been closed. I say goodbye to him and tell him I’m leaving in a few hours. He begs me to wait till tomorrow to leave with him but I say: Sorry, I can’t wait for you because it’s been 20 months since I’ve seen my family, my father, my sisters, everyone, and I have no idea if anything happened to them, and I can’t wait to embrace them all. At around 11:00 we leave in a truck, they take us to another hutment near Forlì. While I’m walking I see Pasquale Migliozzi, a 20-year-old boy from Casale who was also deported to Munich. I ask him how he ended up here and he tells me the factory he worked for released him so he made his way here. They take both of us to a place where there are American soldiers. They let us take showers there and sprinkle us with disinfectant powder. We spend the night there.

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