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January 20, 1945

The siren went off again at noon. It was over by 1:30, thank God they did not attack Munich this time. It’s so odd; as soon as people hear the siren they run like crazy to a shelter while we’re forced to stay in the factory. God help us! Today I took a stroll around the city. It’s overwhelming to see such a big city reduced to this state. There isn’t a street that isn’t full of rubble, there are hardly any buildings intact. You can walk down streets, look to the right and left and everything’s collapsed, razed, demolished down to the foundations, it’s horrifying, and yet they still have not stopped attacking, apparently they want to destroy all the living beings too. They’ve destroyed everything already, what more do they want- the demise of each individual person?! Let’s hope God is fed up with this destruction, this agony, and decides to put an end to this catastrophic story so that every father, every son, every husband can go back to his loved ones.

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